Norman Anderson

Chief Business Development Officer




He has taught at Columbia University in New York City, teaching a course in Engineering & Entrepreneurship. He is a board member of the American Geographic Society, the oldest geographic society in the United States.


Norman Anderson is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of  CG/LA Infrastructure Inc., a firm focusing on infrastructure project development primarily within the United States but also on a global scale.  Originally a project developer, Norman is, or has been, a member of various World Economic Forum (WEF) groups, including the Global Advisory Council on Infrastructure, the Strategic Infrastructure Initiative, and the Advisory Committee on Building Foundations for Transparency. He initiated and co-authored the WEF’s study on Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery (May 2014), focusing on bringing value capture funding into the private investment space. For the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee he authored a White Paper on economic statecraft, focused on developing infrastructure markets worldwide (June 2014).

Norman led CG/LA Infrastructure’s initiative to build an infrastructure plan, Blueprint 2025, for the United States administration, bringing together approximately 100 private and public entities in creating a 19-point series of recommendations designed to double the level of infrastructure investment within the United States. This plan has since been adopted by the current United States administration.